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11/12/2020 - 4:00 PM  
14.4 Entrepreneurship Education and Training Grant Application from the Florida Department of Education.  
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Entrepreneurship Education and Training (EET) Grant Letter.pdf
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This is a special grant from the Florida Department of Education made available from funds withheld by the Commissioner from the State’s Perkins V funding. School districts could apply for up to $100,000 to start or advance Entrepreneurship Education and Training programs through Career and Technical Education courses. The Commissioner may recommend an amount greater or less than the amount requested in the proposed project. The Jackson County School District applied for the full amount available to a district.
Entrepreneurship education and training (EET) refers to both academic education and formal training interventions or activities that share the broad objective of providing individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to start, operate, or scale an enterprise. For purposes of Perkins V, it has a particular focus on formally cultivating within CTE students the following two domains:
1. entrepreneurial mindsets - i.e., the socio-emotional skills and overall awareness of “what it takes” to become a successful entrepreneur (e.g., self-confidence, leadership, creativity, risk propensity, motivation, critical thinking, high degrees of empathy, resilience, and self-efficacy)
2. entrepreneurial capabilities - i.e., the capacity for successful business management and venturing (e.g., knowledge of marketing, accounting, financial modeling, and the sources of capital, and evidencing the ability to de-risk an idea, successfully pivot, and value-create)
It is in this spirit that the Florida Department of Education is seeking to fund innovative EET projects that cultivate entrepreneurial mindsets and entrepreneurial capabilities in CTE students.
Approval of Entrepreneurship Education and Training Grant Application from the Florida Department of Education.  
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Larry Moore - Superintendent
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