Strategic Plans

Goal 1 Strategic Goal 1: Student Performance (Student Success through Equity and Access) Students will demonstrate readiness to learn at each grade level and academic disparities between sub-groups will be reduced. • Identify and address learning needs through assessments and a coordinated supports system • Ensure students receive access to an appropriately rigorous curriculum delivered by high quality staff • Enhance learning through integrated technology for students and teachers • Communicate and celebrate student progress using a variety of methods • Stress the academic benefit of good attendance to student and parent • Acknowledge good attendance for students as a positive career-ready characteristic and establish a recognition process for students with outstanding attendance
Goal 2 Strategic Goal 2: Provide Safe and Secure Environment to Learn and Work Develop and sustain a learning environment that results in employee learning, increased student achievement and overall school improvement. • Enhance the districts wellness efforts • Enhance the use of the administrator intern program and cross-training as a means to develop a pool of qualified successors for all positions • Institute a plan to ensure an advocate for each student throughout the district (ie Check In/Check Out) • Implement a school leader program that strengthens the skills of school leaders preparing them for leadership roles in low-performing schools • Decrease the number of behavioral infractions that result in out-of-school or Short Term Alternative placement • Provide adequate and appropriate facilities • Monitor and review District and school emergency plans are familiar to district and school personnel in the event of an emergency
Goal 3 Strategic Goal 3: Recruit and Retain Highly Qualified Workforce Review district processes to attract, retain and develop a highly qualified and effective workforce. • Insure evaluation tool/system is suitable for determination of workforce performance • Provide continuous support focused of effective instruction by incrementally developing the expertise of beginning teachers through their first three years through mentoring, coaching and appropriate professional development. • Consciously provide professional development based on identified needs acquired through teacher appraisal and teacher survey data. • Enhance partnerships with universities and community colleges that have teacher education programs. • Implement process for awarding staff who have exemplary attendance.
Goal 4 Strategic Goal 4: Intentional and Effective Use of Available Resources Develop and sustain effective and efficient use of all resources for improved student achievement and fiscal responsibility. • Ensure identified federal and state expenditures support learning gains identified through cooperative district and school progress monitoring • Enhance the opportunities for district School Choice option through engaging curriculum, strong programs and attractive campuses. • Provide safe and efficient bus transportation to include on-schedule routes, reduced accidents, minimal dead-lined buses and lower fuel costs. • Continue to provide schools with adequate allocation of units while continually reviewing the process for school and district worksite allocations.